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Womb steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, peri-steaming, yoni steaming and bajos, is an ancient and incredibly effective healing modality used by women all around the world.  The uses and successes of vaginal steaming are extensive and time tested. By sitting over a warm, steaming pot of carefully selected herbs, the medicinal steam enters into the vagina and womb area providing healing and support to the female reproductive area, organs and tissue. Many women suffer from digestive disorders that create absorption issues, which can make it hard for the body to properly take in and assimilate the healing properties of herbs and medicines.  When taking the herbal steam in vaginally, the medicinal herbs have direct contact with the very areas of the reproductive system we wish to affect. The medicinal steam also directly enters the blood stream through the mucosal tissue of the female reproductive area.  This allows for effective and targeted treatment and benefits most gynecological ailments and issues. Steaming nourishes the reproductive organs and circulation is increased. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, when there is proper circulation of qi and blood, ‘no disease or illness can invade’.  This makes for a very effective and preventative healing modality for women’s disorders.

Lindsay creates individualized herbal steam blends and steam protocols for each of her clients in order to facilitate maximal healing and safety while using herbal medicines.


∙Regulates menstruation and increases circulation. Treats painful periods and disorders of the menstrual cycle: such as short cycles, missed periods, PMS, clots, bleeding for too many or too little of days, spotting and interim bleeding issues. Decreases exhaustion from menses.

∙Helps tone and heal the vaginal and uterine tissues. Treats uterine and vaginal prolapse and weakness. Helps to clear, remove and treat ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, polycystic ovarian disorder & endometriosis.

∙Treats infertility issues and increases pregnancy rates.

∙Deodorizes and resets healthy vaginal flora.

∙Helps to clear hard to treat infections, bacterial vaginosis (BV), yeast infections,  abnormal vaginal discharge, HPV, herpes, sexually transmitted diseases and is useful as a supportive treatment for female reproductive cancers.

∙Is a great preventative treatment against female reproductive cancers and infections.

∙Helps to treat pelvic pain, pain with intercourse and vaginal dryness.

∙Helps to treat vaginal dryness after menopause and other symptoms of menopause. We have     blends that nourish, moisturize and cool.

∙Helps to increase libido at all ages of life.

∙Helps to heal post partum. Tones and heals the vaginal tissues, assisting repair of vaginal tearing, episiotomy or c-section scar.

∙Helps to heal after miscarriage and abortion.

∙Helps to heal sexual and emotional trauma and reconnects ourselves to our own femininity.

∙Helps to heal hemorrhoids and other disorders of the colon

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